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Challenge coins are a military tradition that dates back to WWI. They're given as tokens of appreciation and recognition for service, achievement, or other deeds.

The challenge coin is an important symbol in the military community. It's a way for people who share a common bond to recognize each other and honor their shared history together.

We make custom challenge coins with your design or ours and our process is super simple.

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military officer saluting American flag
military officer saluting American flag

Challenge coins are small, metal coins that fit in the palm of your hand. Each challenge coin has a unique design that belongs to the organization it represents.

The emblem or insignia of the organization is etched directly into the coin. The organization’s motto can be engraved around the edge of the coin. They can have colored enamel painted into the etching, depending on the unique design.

Though they are usually round, some challenge coins come in other shapes. Special designs even include cutouts or unique features, like a bottle opener tool.

Challenge coins are made out of a variety of metals. Some are made of zinc, bronze, and brass. Other more expensive versions even include 24-carat gold.

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