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How long does an order toke to complete?


Once we agree on the artwork, production generally takes 4/5 weeks for coins, 3/4 weeks for pins and patches to complete from the time we place the order. Half way through the process, I’ll present you high quality photos of the sample for you to review before we move to full production. If you prefer to approve the sample in person, I’ll have it shipped to you which would put the process on hold until you received the sample and approve it. 


Who owns the mold?


You, the customer, owns the mold. We will never use it to produce your design unless we have written permission from the person who initiated the order. 


How long does a mold last?


We store the molds for 3 years from the date of last use. After that, we will notify you that your time is expiring and give you a chance to use it again to reset the clock. 


Who do you use for shipping?


We ship from the factory direct to our customer. We use DHL and in some cases UPS. 


What kinds of 3D options are there?


We offer three general types of 3D. Low, medium and high. We also offer a flat option (no 3D). 


What types of processes do you use?


We generally use a soft enamel process but we are also able to do a hard enamel process. 

What kind of enamel do you use?

We use solid colored enamels and we also use translucent colored enamel. Translucent enamel gives a brighter stained glass look to that color. Translucent enamel only works with shiny metal finishes to be effective. We don't recommend using translucent enamel on antique finishes. 


How big can you make a coin?


The average size of coins are 1.75” or 2”. Depending on the shape, we might have to go up in size to retain detail. Smaller coins will lose small details in the polishing process. Large coins will be more expensive. The more metal we use, the most money it will cost, but we can make a coin any size you require.

How big can you make a pin?


The average size of pins are 3/4” or 1”. Smaller pins will lose small details in the polishing process. Larger pins will be more expensive. The more metal we use, the more money it will cost, but we can make a pin any size you require.

What kind of patches do you make?

We can do embroidered patches which are more traditional and we can make PVC patches which are becoming more and more popular. We also offer an iron-on backing as well as a velcro backing options. 


Can you make a custom shape?


We can make a coin into any shape you require us to make. Feel free to look through our portfolio for what we have done so far. 


How much does this cost?


Prices are driven by the size, thickness, 3D and quantity. Higher 3D designs require more costly mold fees. High quantity order will yield a better price per piece. All of our orders are priced on a custom basis in order to find ways to fit into your budget. 


Why don’t you offer free molds?


There is no such thing as a “free mold”. Other companies will just absorb the mold fee into another aspect of the pricing (price per unit or shipping cost). If you get a “deal” on a “free mold”, when you reorder that design, they will keep charging you that mold fee because it was built into another aspect of the price. If you pay for your mold, that mold never has to be paid for on a future reorder and your price for the reorder is more affordable. This is why we charge you a mold fee. We want to find ways to save you money on all your orders. 

Who do you make designs for?

We make designs for anyone! Most of our customers come from  the law enforcement and fire departments around the country but we also do design for the military, government agencies, security firms and private corporations. We've also worked with and created designs for motorcycle clubs, non-profit organizations and we've even created designs for weddings. We can do it all!


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